Price to 400 m3 volume (incl. VAT)

price per extra m3 (incl. VAT)

Comprehensive Inspection (Dutch) (purchase/sale)

€ 339,- incl. VAT

€ 0,20

Comprehensive inspection English language report

€ 399,- incl. VAT

€ 0,20

Accompanied inspection

€ 199,- incl. VAT

€ 0,20

Specialised inspections

Asbestos inspection type A

€ 375,- incl. VAT

€ 0,45

Baseline measurement/Pre-assessment (BRL5024)

On request


Post-assessment (BRL5024)

On request


Multi-year maintenance plan (MJOP)

On request


Energy and sustainability

EI-index (previously energy performance certificate)* or Energy label

€ 279,- incl. VAT)***

€ 0,30

Comprehensive inspection with EI-index (including 15% discount)

€ 520,- incl. VAT***

€ 0,30

EPA-W Custom report (including sign off)

€ 395,- incl. VAT***

€ 0,30

EPA-U Custom report (business)****

On request


Extra costs

Urgent inspection

€ 50,- incl. VAT


Inspection on the Wadden Islands

€ 110,- incl. VAT


Inspection of historic building

€ 40,- incl. VAT


Report translated into English

€ 60,- incl. VAT


Bound report

€ 30,- incl. VAT


* In combination with an inspection, you receive a 15% discount on each EPA.
** Rates for multiple homes only apply if the stated numbers are inspected on the same day.
*** The prices apply to homes if the construction plans are present; in the absence of construction plans €75 excl. VAT extra is charged.
**** The EPA-U custom report includes custom advice and energylabel.
All prices include VAT. If the volume of the home is unknown you can use an estimate. Our inspector identifies the correct volume of the home during the inspection.
In case we need to pick up the keys of the house at the real estate agent of the seller, we charge €85,- incl. VAT extra.