A multi-year maintenance plan (MYMP, or meerjarenonderhoudsplan/MJOP in Dutch) reflects the current state of a building as well as providing you with a maintenance budget for the coming years. By using a condition measurement (an inspection where a condition score is given to each architectural element), we create a comprehensive report. In the report, we include the time after which elements need to be replaced and what the maintenance costs amount to. This way, you can reserve a certain amount every year for maintenance and avoid being faced with unexpected expenses.

An MYMP can be created for owner-occupiers’ associations, houses, businesses, churches, schools or any other building that requires maintenance.

You can view a MJOP example report (in Dutch).

MYMPs and owner-occupiers’ associations

The association can collect a monthly contribution for the association’s reserve fund based on a drafted maintenance budget.

Realising the MYMP

One of our inspectors comes by every three to five years, carries out an inspection and realises the MYMP on the basis of this inspection. This provides more insight into the initially planned maintenance; is the planned maintenance necessary and/or can it be postponed? The construction inspector adjusts the budget to the current market prices.

How ADA Keur works

What can you expect after you’ve done a request for a multi-year maintenance plan? The following steps describe the process:







Cost estimate

Multi-year maintenance plan

Main elements

List of defects
Determine intensity and scale of defect
Determine overall condition archtictural element

Desired condition
Determining repair work
Cost estimate repair work

Period of implementation
Fine-tune with preventative maintenance
Combining activities


NLsfb is a uniform method that makes use of the coding of elements. The NEN 2767 methodology indicates that coding is to be done according to these norms.