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Structural surveys

ADA Keur offers various structural surveys. Our inspectors are experts in structural engineering, with attention to detail.

Energy and sustainability

Our inspectors can provide insight into the energy consumption of your home. They advise you how to save money by using energy more efficiently throughout your home. We offer various services in the field of energy saving.

Best buy: Comprehensive inspection (NHG)

Our inspection reports meet the NHG standards and requirements for a comprehensive report on repair and maintenance costs.

Business partner

For many years ADA Keur works with housing corporations, real estate agents, intermediaries, mortgage advisors and insurers. You can become a permanent business partner as well! Contact us free of obligations.

About ADA keur

ADA Keur is an independent, professional enterprise specialising in the structural assessment of real estate. ADA Keur offers customers high-quality structural survey inspections at an affordable price. Our inspectors all have a background in building. They are real professionals with an eye for detail. The advice they provide is independent and realistic. With ADA Keur you always know exactly where you stand.

ADA Keur serves various types of customers. Think of private parties, housing corporations, property agents, intermediaries, mortgage brokers and insurers. For each customer we carefully consider their wishes and issues of concern. ADA Keur always provides its customers with a clear planning schedule, so you know exactly when the next inspection will take place. ADA Keur can inspect at short notice. Processing time is short, as are the lines of communication. We are always available for any questions or remarks.

Annually, ADA Keur carries out over 3,000 inspections, being one of the larger parties within its sector.

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