ADA Keur can provide you with insights into the energy consumption of your home and how to reduce your energy costs. If you want to improve energy performance, an EPA custom report can give you a good insight in that. EPA custom advice must be drawn up by a certified advisor. ADA Keur is certified for this.

An EPA custom report offers:

  • A clear overview of the current energy performance of a building
  • Insight into the structural and engineering improvement measures
  • Insight into the costs, benefits and payback times of these measures
  • Insight into the CO2 reduction due to the implementation of the energy saving measures
  • A sound basis for consultation with the local authorities in the context of the Environmental Management Act

You can view an example report (in Dutch).

If measure are taken, these could lead to an improved energy performance result, a considerably lower energy bill, more comfort, less environmental impact, a healthier interior climate and lower energy costs (housing costs/managing costs). In addition to expert advice about energy-saving measures, payback times are also calculated.

You can opt for having this report signed out with the agency. This is mandatory when it comes to subsidy applications. You can also decide not to sign out the report. This saves you the cost.