From 1 January 2015 onward, the energy performance certificate will be replaced by the Energy Index. The Energy Index is a figure for the energy performance. The Energy Index is a voluntary instrument. With it, you can calculate a more exact determination of the energy performance of a house. In the case of an Energy Index, the house owner will receive a definitive energy label from the central goverment.

Furthermore, financial instruments will be linked to the Energy Index, including the system by which the rental value of residential property is assessed. With it, the investment of the housing supply can be valued and determined. The energy performance certificate and the current energy label (issued until 1 January 2015) will remain valid until 10 years after the recording date.

If you want to know if and how you can save on energy, you can have a so-called custom report drawn up. This will give you an insight in energy-saving measures, the costs of these measures and their payback time.

See an example of an energy label here