As property owner and/or manager, savings in energy can help you reach a certain yield and level of quality in your property portfolio. A sustainable building decreases energy expenses and increases lettability/the chance to sell it.

With a customised energy advice from ADA Keur, specifically aimed at business objects, we provide you with regularly yielding energy savings plan. Agentschap NL (source: AgentschapNL) indicates that according to research, implementing an EPA-U custom advice leads to a saving of around €3 per m² per year.

ADA Keur’s energy advice

Through a report, we give advice on the possibilities of improving your company building’s energy efficiency. This energy advice report includes a description of the object, the status of the current energy usage, possibilities for energy savings, necessary adjustments to improve the energy efficiency and an estimate of costs to be expected and yield to be achieved.

The advantages to energy advice

Energy advice brings many advantages for you and your property portfolio, including:

  • A clear overview of the current energy performance of a building = negotiating tool
  • Overview of costs, benefits and earn-back times of the measures to be implemented
  • The basis of an energy saving plan
  • The energy advice can be used as the basis for the buyers’ or renters’ wishes
  • Potential value increase for your property/properties
  • Investment costs are deductible from fiscal profits
  • The advice is part of your sustainable approach and CSR policy