The Comprehensive sales inspection is a structural inspection. The repair advice is also given and the costs involved are discussed.

The Comprehensive inspection is recommended if your home was built before 1985. The economic lifespan of many structural elements has then expired. To create trust with potential buyers, it is recommended to offer an extended report.

The Comprehensive inspection is a visual inspection of all visible structural elements of a house. In addition to the quality assessment and the report on the structural defects this inspection also gives repair advice and the costs involved. The costs of repair of the structural defect are divided into immediate costs (0-1 years) and long-term costs (1-5 years). This way, you provide potential buyers with an insight into the state of the house, both structural-wise and financially.

A cost calculation for the National Mortgage Guarantee (NHG) is a standard element of the Comprehensive inspection. This document has been drawn up in accordance with all norms of the NHG. This report has a fixed address, so buyers can use it directly for the NHG.

As of January 1, 2015 and onward, every house must have an energy label (EPA Certificate). When you sell your home, you must take this into account. ADA Keur can help you determine the energy performance of a property by providing the Energy Index. With this Energy Index the property owner will automatically receive a definitive energy label. Click here to find more information on the energy label and the EPA Certification.

Click here for a sample report of the Comprehensive inspection