In the case of an element inspection, ADA Keur inspects a specific element of the property. A number of examples are given below, which fall under the heading of element- or expertise inspections:

  • Inspection of the roof construction
  • Inspection of the crawl space
  • Inspection for dry rot or fungus attack
  • Inspection for concrete decay (Kwaaitaal or Manta floor elements)
  • Inspections of window and door frames
  • Inspection of the masonry
  • Problems with leaks


In addition inspection of renovation work is also possible, such as, for example:

  • Inspection of a new bathroom
  • Inspection of a new kitchen
  • Inspection of an extension/renovation

These are the so-called renovation completions, for more information about this click here.

Custom Element inspection

Element inspections and expertise inspections are frequently complicated. For this reason, we recommend you to contact us by phone for these. This will enable us to assess the situation better and give you a clear quotation concerning the cost of the inspection.