In a Baseline measurement also called Pre-assessment report the current state of an object is recorded. These are objects in an area where risky work is performed. Think of pile-driving activities, lowering of ground level, excavations or heavy transport. These heavy-duty activities may cause tremors and damage your building. For this reason, ADA Keur advises to carry out a Baseline measurement, so you can record that there was no damage prior to the work. A Baseline measurement is a convenient way of preventing any discussions about damage and damage size retrospectively. In some cases, the insurer may demand a Baseline measurement.


The Baseline measurement is carried out before risky, heavy-duty activities take place. The building is inspected for any defects. You will receive an extensive report of this inspection, drawn up according to the directives in force. With this report you are in a strong position if any damage occurs, because ADA Keur’s reports are legally valid and can serve as evidence for any damage claims.

You can view an example report (in Dutch).