With Elements inspections, we distinguish between detecting, assessing and advising. After all, each inspection has a different purpose.

In the case of detecting and assessing, we inspect a certain element and assess this as to its structural state. In the report, the state of the element to be assessed is presented and discussed extensively.

When advice is given before building activities take place; we give advice on the proper approach of realizing a wish or solving a problem.

Below a number of examples that may fall under an Elements inspection.

  • Structural inspection of the roof
  • Inspection of the crawl space
  • Inspection on dry rot or fungi
  • Inspection on concrete decay (Kwaaitaal or Manta floor elements)
  • Window frame inspections
  • Inspection of the masonry
  • Leakage problems
  • Etc.

Elements inspections are usually complicated, and therefore we recommend that you contact us by telephone on this matter. This way, we can better assess the situation and make you a clear offer as to the costs of the inspection.