Vision: ADA Keur in society

ADA Keur is an independent, professional, advising enterprise for the structural assessment of real estate, operating on a national scale. The enterprise can serve most clients with high-quality structural inspections at an affordable price.

In its market segment ADA Keur serves a wide diversity of clients. From residential construction to utility construction and from private persons to brokers. The consulting office has an extensive and durable network of clients enjoying a high degree of professionalism, punctuality and professional clarity from ADA Keur.

Ambition: what does ADA Keur want to achieve

ADA Keur as a consultancy

ADA Keur wants to become the Netherlands’ largest, most reliable and customer-friendly independent adviser in the field of real-estate-related assessments and consultancy. Satisfying the end user’s needs is guiding in this. To serve the end user optimally, ADA Keur has a reliable network of partners, to whom Ada Keur does not lose its independency.

ADA Keur as an employer

ADA Keur strives to offer a dynamic but clearly business-like working environment to its employees. Employees must feel appreciated for their engineering expertise and feel proud of their company.

ADA Keur as a partner

ADA Keur wants to be a reliable partner in business without compromising its independent working method. Our way of doing business is based on this principle.


Serve the end user with a structurally broad, independent, professional and clear combination of product and service.

Core value

Customer friendly



"Experience shows that no structural inspection is the same!"